Rules and conditions to be observed by the permit holder:











This ticket will be available only to the person in whose favour it is granted and is NOT transferable.

No Sunday fishing.

The holder of the ticket shall have the privilege of angling with a single rod and line on the days, within the hours and at the places specifiedbut must not take or kill any salmon fry or any unclean fish or any fish under 10 inches in length and all such fish taken shall be returned immediately to the water. In order that the Association records may be correct, the holder of the ticket is required to make a return to the issuing office of the number and weight of each Salmon, Grilse and Sea Trout caught by him, within 24 hours of each catch. The type of lure used - whether fly, worm or minnow - must also be reported.

The holder of the ticket must exhibit it at all times when asked to do so by the Association's Watchers, the Watchers of the Proprietors, the Watchers of the Spey Fishery Board, or other persons having authority to demand exhibition thereof and any person refusing or failing to exhibit his ticket may be turned off the river by such person or persons.

The holder of the ticket shall give all the assistance in his power to prevent illegal fishing and poaching and he must allow the Watchers or other persons duly authorised to inspect the fish and tackle in his possession.

Digging for bait and the lighting of fires is strictly prohibited. Parking of cars will be reasonably exercised so as not to block estate or private roads or property. Care must be taken of the fences, woods and other property on the land adjoining the river or its tributaries and any ticket holder found injuring these shall be liable for the damage done by him, besides incurring the forfeiture of his ticket.

No holder shall be accompanied by a dog, nor shall in any way interfere with the game on adjoining lands.

No fish taken in the Association's water may be sold.

The use of a gaff is forbidden between 11th February and 1st April.

No angler shall cut in front of another when fishing a pool but each angler shall take his turn of fishing in order of his arrival at the pool and must move at least one yard after each cast. Bait fishers must give way at all times to fly fishers.

No prawns, shrimp, roe or natural minnow fishing is allowed at any time. Any other type of legal lure will be allowed when the river is above Normal Summer Level but the Association may restrict fishing to fly only on certain stretches when the river is below Normal Summer Level. In such event fly-only fishing notices will be placed on the bridges at Boat of Garten and Broomhill. Maggots are prohibited unless used on a fly (fly maggot) - see also rule 18.









No float fishing at any time.

The use of lead cored line is prohibited.

Brown Trout fishing is fly only at all times.

No angler is permitted to take in excess of six migratory fish on any one day.

The Association Committee reserve the right to impose such restrictions as they deem necessary for the preservation of migratory fish stocks in the River Spey and tributaries for which the Association is responsible.

Any ticket holder infringing any of the foregoing Rules and Regulations or who may be convicted of illegal fishing or any offence under the Acts relative to Salmon or Trout fishing shall forfeit his ticket with all privileges carried by it. Such forfeiture shall be sufficiently instructed by a letter under the hand of the Secretary of the Association directed to the ticket holder at the address stated on his ticket.

No worm fishing before 15th March.

If caught, Finnock must be returned immediately to the river.

The disabled access platform is for wheelchair users only. Permits for the disabled are restricted to the platform area.


The use of prawn or shrimp for angling is now a criminal offence. Offenders will face prosecution and automatic life ban from the Association.


One days fishing is permitted for each nights stay.

Residency can be in a hotel, guest house, bed and breakfast, caravan site or any other recognised holiday accommodation. You may have to furnish proof of your accommodation.


A six day ticket includes six fishing days from date of issue (excluding Sunday). A day ticket is for the period ending midnight on the day or days covered by the ticket.

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